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What is Seo?,How it Works? and What are the Advantages to do it?

what is seo
what is seo podcast


What is SEO? How It Works? And what are the advantages in doing it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

It also improves and increases your site’s visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to get traffic to your website and your business will rise .

Search engine optimization also increases our page ranking in search engines by doing on page seo and off page search engine optimization or by doing search engine marketing.

what is seo
what is seo

Why is Search Engine Optimization important? 

Search Engine Optimization brings the traffic to your website organically known as organic traffic. It is “free” —meaning a search engine shows organic part of your content in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you don’t have to pay anything . When the user clicks on the link and visits your website, you don’t have to pay Google for it.. And that  describes(mentioned above) why it is important.

On that same SERP, there are paid results also; they are called as ads. When a user clicks on a ad and visits the website, the advertiser pays the search engine whether it is google, yahoo or bing etc.  for that visit.

why is search engine optimization important
why is seo important
why is seo important(google image) source: innovative flare

What are Keywords?

In search engine optimization, we prefer to use ‘keywords’ —also called as – ‘Search queries’.. We don’t prefer to use individual words; we probably use  combinations of words that tell us about  a problem or a question.

keywords in seo
keywords in seo(google image) source: keyword tool

B. How Search Engine Optimization works?:

Search engine optimization work through three primary functions:

  1. Crawling:  when the user search the content on the internet the the search engine crawlers search for the content according to users query and then display the results from the web server to users this process is called crawling.
  2. Indexing: indexing is the process by which search engines organise the information,the best results(web pages) which a user type in search bar,this whole process is called indexing.
  1. Ranking: the ordering of the search results (web pages) which has the most best answer according to users query then get ranking on the SERP from top to bottom (eg:the top ones has more keywords than the bottom one) this whole process is called ranking. 
why seo is important
why seo is important(google image) source: digital abhi


1.     Improves Your Site’s User Experience.

2.     Increases Brand Visibility.

3.     Builds Brand Credibility and Trust. 

4.     Largest Source of Site Traffic.

5.     Provides You Great Insights.    

6.     Does Not Involve Paid Ads.    

7.     Does Not Involve Paid Ads.

8.     Helps in High ROI and Conversions 


KeywordAvg. monthly searchesCompetition
search engine optimization5000Low
seo services5000Medium
seo marketing500Low
seo agency500Medium
seo optimization500Low
seo company500Medium
on page seo500Low
seo specialist500Low
seo expert500Low
best seo company500Low
focused keywords on seo

E.What are Search Engine Optimization tools?

search engine optimization tools are that tools that tell about health and success of data on your website. They help in recovering from the weaknesses and issues which may not prevent your website to rank on SERP.

There are search engine optimization tools that can help you with:

  • Analytics.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Building Links..
  • On-page SEO.
  • Rank Checking.
  • Site speed.
seo tools
seo tools(google image)source: medium

F. Free Seo Analytics Tool

1. Google Analytics

2.Data Studio

3. Keyword Hero

4. Mozcast

5. panguin tool

G. Does Search Engine Optimization requires coding?

Usage of keywords is one of the way when it comes to search engine optimization. So no, it does not require any coding or html code. There are many tools available on the internet which help you to do it.

H. Is SEO a good career?

Yes, it is a good career in  because it gives you access to claim all the opportunities. You can work from-home, take on clients, and even start and grow your business from your home and you can do search engine optimization of your websites on your own you don’t need to go to any search engine optimization specialist.

Plus, the three of the most popular websites,, and, also hire search engine optimization specialist for job posts.

I. Are Search engine optimization and Content Marketing  jobs in demand?

Yes it is founded that in year 2018 there are more jobs released in content marketing and search engine optimization than ever before and even in 2021 even in lockdown there are  jobs for people from work from home search engine optimization jobs are up to  43 percent year over year and content marketing jobs are up to  33 percent year over year.

J.Does SEO have a future?

The Future of SEO  is here – The Google Search Has Changed in year 2019 ( – The user is changing and he/she wants something new in every day or month, so as it is also updating every month and every year so the future of SEO might be more flexible and modified, accessible with fewer clicks and less user interaction.

It also has the addition of Artificial Intelligence in it, so it becomes more easy for the users to do seo with the help of AI in it. So yes it has a future

K. Names of some Search Engine Optimization expert companies in world:

1. JDM web technologies

2. Webmaxed


SEO is a smart way of increasing your visibility online by saving time and cost of marketing, but before going for seo one must understand how it works and the affects it can have on anybody’s business.

Besides this there are certain things like service/product quality,customer relationship,pre-sale service etc, which are the basis of any business. One must keep in mind that business can’t run successfully without search engine optimization.


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